Acupuncture Wassenaar

Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar is located in a charming practice space on the edge of the beautiful dune area Meijendel.

Acupuncture in Wassenaar

Are you looking for a professional acupuncturist in Wassenaar? At Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar, you are at the right place for expert and effective acupuncture treatments. Our experienced specialists are dedicated to alleviating your complaints and promoting your overall health and well-being.

Located on the edge of the beautiful dune area Meijendel, you will find our charming practice Acupunctuur Wassenaar in a warm and cozy former studio. Here, you can enjoy the peace and serenity that are essential for a relaxed and effective acupuncture treatment.

In our practice, we offer various types of acupuncture treatments, tailored to your individual needs. Our specialists in Acupunctuur Wassenaar have in-depth knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and use modern techniques to provide you with the best possible care.

Upon arrival at our practice Acupunctuur Wassenaar, you will be welcomed in our comfortable waiting area. Here, you can unwind before being escorted to your treatment by one of our friendly specialists. We place great value on personal attention and take the time to put you at ease and answer all your questions.

Choose an experienced acupuncturist in Wassenaar and experience the beneficial effects of acupuncture for yourself. Contact Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar today and discover what we can do for you. We look forward to welcoming you in our unique and relaxed practice environment.

Visit Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar by car

Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar is easily reachable by car. Additionally, you will enjoy the convenience of free parking right at the door.

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Visit Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar by public transport

Praktijk Acupunctuur Wassenaar is also easily accessible by public transport. From the bus stop "Stoeplaan," it's just a 9-minute walk to our practice.


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Esther Buquet

I completed my acupuncture training at the Qing Bai Academy and quickly focused on treatment...