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Praktijk Acupunctuur is a group practice of acupuncturists who work closely together. With practices in various locations throughout the Randstad, there is always an acupuncturist near you. We look forward to welcoming you.

Addressing Your Needs with Personalized Acupuncture Therapy

Our acupuncturists look at the total (energy) balance of the body. Every complaint and every body is different. Therefore, a treatment is always 100% tailored to what your body needs.


From headaches to shoulder problems, and from RSI to pregnancy nausea - there is a solution for every complaint.

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What can you exactly expect during and after a treatment with acupuncture? Read here how we approach the process.

Our methodology

Do you have questions and would you like a no-obligation intake consultation?

Feel free to call us at: 085 - 0655 499 or make an appointment for a free intake consultation directly online! During this meeting, we will discuss your complaints and, if desired, we will work together to devise a treatment plan for you.

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Always an acupuncturist near you

Praktijk Acupunctuur has a network of acupuncture practices throughout the entire Randstad. This way, there's always a practice near you.

Praktijk Acupunctuur represents a team of professional and experienced acupuncturists who work closely together. Within our practice, we treat according to traditional Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, and Dr. Tan Balance Method Acupuncture.

With these methods, we can treat your complaint(s) with customized acupuncture at a location near you. Within our practice, we have multiple specializations, so we have a suitable treatment for every complaint.

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Acupuncture blog

From home tips based on Traditional Chinese Medicine for hay fever symptoms to how acupuncture helps with weight loss or quitting smoking - Here you can find an overview of the latest blog posts.

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