Acupuncture and Stomach Complaints

The stomach, like the intestines, is an important link in our digestive system. Stomach complaints occur regularly in one in three people and are generally experienced as very unpleasant. Often, stomach complaints are associated with intestinal complaints. Read more here about intestinal complaints and how to treat them with acupuncture.

What are stomach complaints and how do they occur?

Stomach complaints often arise from tensions, irregular eating, an excess of alcohol and/or smoking cigarettes. Stomach complaints often manifest as stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, and belching. Stomach pain often coincides with intestinal complaints in the form of belching or gas accumulations in the intestinal system. The stomach wall is coated with stomach acid so that the digestion of food can proceed smoothly. Due to various causes, the layer of stomach acid can be affected, causing pain in the stomach wall. If the stomach acid and thereby the stomach wall, the intestinal wall, or the esophagus wall gets damaged, we speak of a stomach ulcer. A bloated feeling usually arises shortly after eating and often leads to excessive gas formation in the stomach and intestines. This gives a tense feeling.

How does acupuncture help with stomach complaints?

Acupuncture, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, aims to restore a disturbed energy balance. An acupuncture treatment for stomach complaints, therefore, focuses on improving the immune system and promoting the digestion process. The acupuncturist looks at the cause of the complaints and the client's entire lifestyle. This allows for personalized treatment, and the complaints will quickly decrease or even disappear altogether.

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