After graduating from medical school in Vietnam, I worked there as a specialist doctor in Internal Medicine. Eager to broaden my horizons and offer more holistic healthcare solutions, I delved into the study of acupuncture. Recognizing the valuable synergy of both traditional and modern medical care, I aimed to integrate these two approaches, to provide more comprehensive and effective practices. 

I moved to the Netherlands with my family and continued my passion for Acupuncture and Integrating Eastern with Western medicine to enhance the better outcome. I work enthusiastically and holistically. The multidimensional approach reflects my commitment to delivering optimal therapies to alleviate pain and health or psychological complaints, help rehabilitate chronic diseases, and restore a balanced life.

My additional training: Marco and Micro-nutrition; Comestic acupuncture; Deep tissue & Sports massage.

I can speak Vietnamese, French, and English and continue learning Dutch.

I am a member of the professional association of NVA and work in Hoofddorp en Rijswijk.

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