Hoe helpt acupunctuur bij long COVID?

Long COVID is a bothersome condition with little known about it. People with long COVID often experience persistent symptoms long after they have been infected with the coronavirus. These symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of taste and smell, sometimes so severe that they are out of action for a while. Read here how acupuncture aids in the treatment of long COVID.

What is Long COVID exactly?

The official term for long COVID is COVID-19 Associated Syndrome (CAS). This is a collective name for symptoms and limitations that persist for a long time after someone has been infected with COVID-19. Who are particularly susceptible to COVID-19 and how often this occurs is not yet known. It's even more annoying to have to deal with it, as people often encounter a lot of incomprehension from their social environment or work. Long COVID often gives both physical and mental/emotional complaints. The following physical and mental symptoms are often seen in people with long COVID:

Physical Symptoms of Long COVID

  • Chest pain/pressure or discomfort.
  • Reduced condition or muscle strength
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Overall (extreme) fatigue
  • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • Stomach and/or intestinal complaints
  • Heart palpitations and/or high heart rate (>90)
  • Fever after exertion
  • Swallowing problems
  • Speech problems
  • Decreased appetite for other reasons having difficulty eating enough

Mental/Emotional Symptoms of Long COVID

  • Sleep disorders
  • Difficulty with concentration, memory, dealing with stimuli, or planning ('brain fog')
  • Quicker to become angry, sad, or gloomy
  • Being more anxious or insecure
  • Experiencing flashbacks or nightmares
  • Limitations in resuming your daily activities, such as work or hobbies

Do you recognize some of the above symptoms and have you been infected with the coronavirus? Then it may be that you are suffering from long COVID. Did you know that acupuncture can be very effective in the treatment of long COVID? We explain how and why.

Why is Acupuncture Effective in Long COVID?

Loss of smell and taste are associated with the lungs and spleen in Chinese medicine. These organ systems are responsible for respiration and digestion, both indispensable for energy formation. There are several acupuncture points that can replenish the lungs and spleen with energy.

Acupuncture also offers help with emotional long COVID complaints. In Chinese Medicine, specific emotions belong to certain organ systems. If there are problems in the corresponding organ system, the emotions are often also disturbed. Excessive worrying can, for example, disrupt digestion. Anger can cause disturbances in the liver. By addressing these areas, emotional blockages are also removed.

How does acupuncture work for Post-COVID Symptoms?

After an infection, you often see an imbalance in certain organ systems, especially the respiratory system and the digestive system. Pricking a specific combination of acupuncture points restores balance in the body. This can be compared to communicating vessels or opening all sluices in a water system. As a result, the blood flows nicely throughout the body, and the oxygen and nutrients ensure that there is energy again and recovery can take place.

Acupuncture After Corona: Tailored Treatment

Acupuncture is always a custom treatment. On the news and around us, we have seen all too often that each person reacts differently to a COVID infection. Why does one patient end up in the ICU and the other has hardly any problems? According to Chinese Medicine, this has to do with which organ systems are not functioning optimally to what extent. The strength of Chinese Medicine is, therefore, to determine per person where exactly the problem is in order to achieve a targeted and sustainable approach.

An Example of a Treatment After a COVID Infection

One person mainly becomes short of breath after a COVID infection, which indicates a weakness/attack in the lung system. Another person becomes nauseous and gets diarrhea. In that case, the digestive system is more attacked. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and with acupuncture, they are brought back into balance. A very personal approach!

Acupuncture Compared to Conventional Medicine

Acupuncture treats the person as a whole, unlike the regular approach where you go to the cardiologist with palpitations, to the pulmonologist with shortness of breath complaints, and to the internist with fever complaints after exertion. In Chinese medicine, the balance of all organ systems in the body is considered and treated together.

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What Can I Expect From The Acupuncture Treatment?

From the first treatment, you will experience the relaxing effect of acupuncture. You will feel the space that is created in your body, often you can breathe deeper and freer immediately. After a short conversation, you are allowed to lie down and your tongue is examined and pulse felt. This is an important part of the diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. After placing the needles, you are left alone for a little half hour. A wonderfully relaxed experience, you might even fall asleep. Afterward, you are asked how the treatment felt and your pulse may be felt again. Needles are removed and you can get up again, get dressed, and continue with your day.

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How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Your acupuncturist will start with treating twice a week for 2 weeks and then evaluate with you. After these 4 treatments, a better estimate can be made of how long and with what frequency treatment needs to be. This varies from 1 to several months, depending on the severity of the complaints and your recovery capacity. As soon as recovery begins, the treatment frequency is adjusted as the body needs to complete this recovery.

Does Acupuncture Have Side Effects or Do I Need to Consider Anything?

Acupuncture is a natural healing method and stimulates your body's own healing ability. It works balancing and therefore has no side effects. In a single case, a capillary is hit and a blue spot may occur. However, you can sometimes be a bit tired after the treatment, because the body also has to process the treatment. Make sure you haven't eaten something too long before the treatment and then drink a glass of water and take some rest.

Can Acupuncture Be Used Alongside My Regular Treatment And Medication?

Yes, acupuncturists have undergone basic medical training and acupuncture does not interfere with western treatments. Acupuncture is a beautiful complementary therapy that is also used, for example, to reduce side effects of regular treatments, such as nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy.

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Is Acupuncture Covered By Health Insurance?

Acupuncture is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. Check with your own insurance how much per consultation and in total.

How Do I Make An Appointment For A Treatment and where is Practice Acupuncture Located?

You can easily make an appointment online. If you have specific questions first, you can also book a free intake of 15 minutes.

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