Acupunctuur bij burn-out: zo werkt dat

Annually, 17% of the working population struggle with burn-out symptoms. This equates to about 1.3 million people with burn-out. These staggering figures have only increased over recent years. In our practice, we regularly see patients with stress-related complaints, ranging from light stress to severe burn-out. We'd like to share the impressive results our clients experience, thereby increasing awareness of alternative treatments for burn-out and helping more people with their recovery.

What phases precede a burn-out?

A burn-out often has a long lead-up, and by the time someone is officially diagnosed with burn-out, the symptoms are usually severe. A burn-out happens in stages. In the first stage, the person experiences more (work) stress, but no alarm bells are ringing yet. Stress is part and parcel of life, as many think. Many people do not know that long-term stress can have significant mental and physical consequences. When stress continues unabated, a variety of other, sometimes vague, symptoms may arise. One may sleep poorly, experience headaches or neck and shoulder pain, irritability, dizziness, depressive feelings, or stomach and intestinal problems. The energy reserves deplete, sometimes unnoticed, until they are entirely drained. Someone with a burn-out literally collapses or can suddenly do absolutely nothing. Burn-out literally means burned out, and there is no other option but to surrender to compulsory rest and work on recovery.

Treating Burn-out with Acupuncture

Acupuncture aims to restore the body's energy balance—something everyone with a burn-out must work on. The central nervous system is overwhelmed and needs rebalancing. Lack of energy is the most significant problem with burn-out, so an acupuncturist will start treatment aimed initially at restoring the energy balance. Acupuncture has a calming effect on body and mind, and many burn-out patients feel a change shortly after treatment. Besides its profound effect on bodily disturbances, burn-out patients feel calmer and more relaxed during an acupuncture treatment—something much needed during such a difficult period.

"I was three months into a burn-out when a friend recommended acupuncture. During the first treatment, I could literally feel the warmth and energy flowing through my legs. I felt truly relaxed after the treatment, and even my tension headaches disappeared." - Meike (32)

Burn-out Symptoms Where Acupuncture Helps

A burn-out comes with various symptoms, with extreme fatigue and stress being the most common. However, acupuncture is highly effective for the following symptoms:

Headaches During Burn-out

People with a burn-out often suffer from headaches. In many cases, this is tension headache, originating from tension in the jaw, shoulders, or neck. This headache is often felt between the eyebrows, on the forehead, or around the temples. Headaches can also be related to a disruption of the (stress) hormones. You can read here about how acupuncture works with headaches and migraines.

Sleep Problems During Burn-out

People with a burn-out initially tend to sleep a lot, but they often experience long-term sleep problems or even insomnia. Sleep disruption often builds up during the lead-up to the burn-out, due to high cortisol levels and chronic stress in the body. Acupuncture is very effective in addressing various types of sleep problems. Patients treated by an acupuncturist often see improved sleep as a welcome side-effect of the treatment. Also, read our 5 tips against sleep problems here.

Mental Support During Burn-out

Besides the physical complaints, there are also emotional symptoms associated with a burn-out. In Chinese Medicine, we always look at the cause of the burn-out and what's needed to address it. Thus, we pay a lot of attention to the emotional aspect and your specific living situation. Sometimes, the acupuncturist may advise on certain herbs or recommend supplementary therapy. Even if you're (nearly) fully recovered from the burn-out, acupuncture can help prevent relapse and maintain energy balance.

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Experience with Acupuncture for Burnout Recovery

Meike came to our practice three months after her doctor diagnosed her with burnout. Her burnout symptoms were still very much present, and she felt she needed more than just her psychologist and physiotherapist. We immediately started a treatment aimed at rebuilding the energy in her body. Meike was very tired and noticed that she wasn't making much progress due to this.

Meike: "I was so tired that I felt like I didn't even have the energy for my own recovery. I was feeling very down and didn't know where to start. During the first treatment, I literally felt the energy flowing through my legs. It was a remarkable experience. I felt genuinely relaxed after the treatment, and even my tension headache completely disappeared after about four treatments. I am now fully recovered and still come to the practice for maintenance and relaxation. Acupuncture truly helped me 100% in my recovery. Because the treatment is focused on restoring the energy balance, I know where to go when I have a stressful or tiring period."

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