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Spring symbolizes new life. Everything grows and blooms again, it gets lighter outside and we humans often gain more energy. Unfortunately, for many people, the onset of spring also signifies the start of the hay fever season. Did you know that hay fever symptoms can be prevented and significantly reduced by acupuncture? In this blog post, we'll tell you all about it.

Where does hay fever come from?

Hay fever is an hypersensitivity reaction of the body to pollen grains. In certain seasons, often spring and summer, hay fever symptoms occur. Some even as early as winter. The body produces histamine to combat these intruders. Hay fever symptoms are always caused by the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and eyes becoming irritated. A weakened immune system is extra susceptible to hay fever symptoms. A hectic life, long workdays, stress and improper nutrition all contribute to a weakening of the immune system.

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Hay Fever Explained from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, the body's defense is influenced by the Wei Qi, an energy that is responsible for protecting the body from diseases and infections. If the digestion is not optimal, this can lead to the absorption of many toxic substances in the body, which can lead to a weakened defense. Moreover, the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract are in contact with those of the intestine, so the health of the intestines can directly influence the health of the respiratory tract and the body's defenses.

In Chinese Medicine, the lung and the large intestine are connected, and the intestines are part of the body's defense system. If something is wrong with the intestines, a lot of waste can enter the body, which can lead to a weakened defense and an overreaction to allergens, as can be the case with hay fever.

A diminished function of the digestive energy, which in Chinese Medicine belongs to the spleen and is linked to the lung, can lead to an increased absorption Toxic substances in the body and an overly sensitive reaction from the body. The body's defense can also be influenced by the intestines, which are also recognized in the West as an important part of the immune system. An optimal balance of bacteria in the intestines can help the body protect against diseases and infections.

Preventing Hay Fever Instead of Curing It

In Western medicine, hay fever symptoms are treated with antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the allergic reaction and difficulty breathing. In Chinese Medicine, symptoms are seen as expressions of underlying problems in organs, the patient himself, lifestyle and nutrition. These problems need to be addressed to really get rid of hay fever and not suppress the symptoms every year.

For some people, it can help to have a healthy diet and eat regularly to improve digestion, allowing the intestines and lungs to function better and no longer be sensitive to pollen. Others may need to reduce stress because stress affects the liver and can cause hay fever symptoms. For others, addressing their sorrow may help to not overburden the lungs anymore. And for someone who worries too much, the digestive energy can become depleted and no longer nourish the lungs and defense.

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Hay fever can also be genetically determined, but even then, by balancing organs, nourishing some and slowing down others, a personal balance can be achieved without hay fever symptoms. The kidney energy is also treated for the hereditary burden. Acupuncture can provide support on all fronts and our acupuncturists can provide important tips.

When can I have hay fever treated preventively?

There are two moments when we can work preventively to prevent hay fever. From September to December (the metal season in Chinese Medicine) is a good time to strengthen the organ system and prevent hay fever. In addition, treatment can be carried out 2 months before the hay fever peak (which varies for everyone) to make the symptoms less severe. Even if you already have symptoms, you can still be treated very well.

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Patient Experiences with Acupuncture for Hay Fever

The experiences of patients who came to our practice for acupuncture against hay fever are beautiful. Here is an example:

’Esther has been a great help to me and my son in addressing our long-standing hay fever issues. She is professional and friendly, and has a wonderful way of conveying calmness to both young and old. After a clear explanation of the treatment plan during the intake, Esther treated us several times both during the week and on Saturdays. The appointments took place at the Hoofddorp location, which has a modern and fresh look. This past summer, we were finally able to enjoy the nice weather with minimal hay fever symptoms, which was a breath of fresh air for both of us! I can heartily recommend Esther to anyone looking for a skilled acupuncturist. - Huib

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