Acupunctuur helpt het vuurelement weer in balans te brengen

Summer: for many, it's the favorite season of the year, but it's also a season that can secretly cause some annoying ailments. Think of problems like poor sleep, restlessness, diarrhea, and skin rash. Heat phenomena associated with the fire element that is very much present during the summer months. Read here how to keep your body and mind cool during the warmest period of the year!

What is the fire element in Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on five elements following the cyclic process of nature. The element water stands for winter, the element wood stands for spring, the element fire stands for summer, the element earth for late summer, and the element metal for autumn. During summer, the fire element is at its peak, often resulting in a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and good concentration. However, when the fire element is out of balance, either too much or too little, one can suffer from annoying summer ailments.

Summer ailments when the fire element is out of balance

Spring and summer are seen as the happiest times of the year. The weather is good, the days are long, and the terraces are full. Many people with a summer dip find it difficult to realize that they are not so happy during this time. In such a case, there is probably either too much or too little fire energy. Is the fire element weak? This can result in melancholy, fatigue, and listlessness. Is the fire element too strong? Then restlessness, nervousness, and irritability are common complaints. Sleep problems often also indicate a disturbance in the fire element, because the yang energy is stronger during the summer. Read our 5 tips against sleep problems here. Fortunately, there are ways to address a disturbance in the fire element.

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How does a disturbed fire element regain balance?

The fire element must distribute energy throughout the body. Therefore, it is good to keep moving sufficiently. This also releases certain substances that create a positive feeling. Get enough sleep to restore the balance between yin and yang. Eat mainly light and cooling food, such as vegetables that contain a lot of water. In addition, acupuncture can help restore the fire element, and thus the energy flows, to balance. With just a few treatments, annoying summer complaints can be alleviated. This way, you can quickly enjoy the sunniest time of the year again!