Wat is TuiNa? Acupuncturist en TuiNa-therapeut Carolien legt uit

TuiNa: Therapeutic Massage

TuiNa is a form of therapeutic massage that, alongside acupuncture and herbs, constitutes an essential part of Traditional Medicine. TuiNa massage employs the same meridians and points used in acupuncture. However, it offers a broad range of benefits because it also works on muscle groups, joints, and pain points to activate the healing system.

The Historical Basis of TuiNa

The historical basis of TuiNa dates far back in Chinese history. Ancient classical texts written around the first century AD describe various therapeutic massage forms that could be used to combat pain and discomfort. Many ancient medical texts were lost due to Chinese dynastic changes, but after the revolution in 1949, Traditional Medicine like acupuncture and TuiNa was revived and further developed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Chinese medicine, the focus is not solely on the injury or disease, but on the dynamic balance within the body. The fundamental theory of TCM is that injuries or diseases cause blockages in the body, and these blockages cause pain and discomfort. The goal is to reduce symptoms by eliminating these blockages in the body and restoring balance through various TuiNa massage techniques. In practice, a combination of acupuncture and TuiNa is often chosen to achieve the best result.

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How does TuiNa therapy work?

As a TuiNa therapist, I massage various areas or points on the body using diverse massage techniques such as kneading, rocking, rolling motions. These techniques stimulate the body, triggering various physical responses that activate the body's self-healing capabilities. The treatment impacts the entire body, enhancing health, and influencing the musculoskeletal system positively. By touching and stimulating body tissue, the nervous system is influenced, releasing various hormones to relax body and mind.

For which physical/mental complaints is TuiNa applicable?

TuiNa is applicable for various chronic, physical, and emotional complaints, including back pain, migraines, fatigue, sleep and breathing problems. Besides, it strengthens the body's resistance and encourages the body to eliminate waste products. A pleasant side effect is that TuiNa massage provides a relaxing and calming sensation and positively influences the nervous system, especially beneficial in today's stressful times where many people strive to fit the perfect image.

How often and for how long should I receive TuiNa therapy?

After the intake, we will discuss together how we will treat and how often. This will depend on your symptoms and wishes. Upon mutual agreement, we start immediately with the first treatment. It is possible to wear comfortable clothing during a TuiNa treatment, but for more effectiveness, well-fitting underwear is preferred.

After each treatment, we evaluate together whether progress has been made, and we may schedule subsequent treatments with more time in between. It's also possible to continue with preventative treatments in the future to maintain health balance.

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