Zo helpt acupunctuur bij vermoeidheid

Various causes of fatigue

Fatigue can have various causes, but it is always a sign that the energy balance is disturbed. It is therefore important to find out what the cause of this disturbed energy balance is. We distinguish between physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Physical fatigue occurs due to pain or illness, such as heart problems, anemia, a slow thyroid, or inflammatory diseases. Mental fatigue can occur due to stress, a busy life, or sleep problems. But also due to excessive screen use or an information overload due to social media. Besides mental and physical causes, certain medication use can also be the cause of fatigue.

If someone doesn't intervene, the battery will continue to drain and fatigue will worsen. This can lead to poorer sleep, which naturally only makes the fatigue worse. This creates a vicious cycle. Acupuncture helps to tackle the sluggish feeling of fatigue and restore the energy balance.

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How does Traditional Chinese Medicine view fatigue?

In Chinese Medicine, we see the human and his living environment as a whole. Everything in Traditional Chinese Medicine revolves around the right balance (Yin/Yang). In the case of fatigue, the balance is disturbed and there is an imbalance in exertion and relaxation. An important first step is to create peace in the mind and reduce physical tension. This often means more Yin, less Yang.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we look a lot at the organs and the meridians. All energy channels are linked to a particular organ. If the energy cannot flow to the organs, they cannot function properly and symptoms will occur.

Fatigue is also seen as emptiness. Often a poor flow of energy precedes this emptiness. It is important that the energy can flow well to supply the organs. If this doesn't happen? Then there is a stagnation of energy. This can cause both pain and fatigue. An acupuncturist finds out the cause of the stagnation and fatigue and treats it effectively.

Why do we get tired faster in autumn and winter?

Because we expose ourselves less to daylight in the autumn and winter, many people experience a so-called winter dip. We get energy from light, it makes us happy and sunlight does good to our overall system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the metal element is connected to the fall. When there is a fall dip or a cold, the metal element is out of balance. Actually, we humans are just like nature. Nature becomes quiet in the fall and prepares for the winter. The trees become bare and the energy decreases. As people, we can take an example from nature. It gets dark earlier, so we can go to sleep earlier. We can have fewer activities than in summer, so it's wise to give in to that.

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How does acupuncture work with fatigue symptoms?

As an acupuncturist, we look at the specific person as a whole. Not just at the complaint itself, but at the cause of the complaints. Is the fatigue due to stagnation, emptiness, or pain? We can also treat fatigue preventively, for example if you know that you get tired quickly every autumn.

After thoroughly examining the basis of your fatigue, the acupuncturist places needles on a blockage in an energy channel. In this way, the energy flow can be restored. The acupuncturist can also give you lifestyle and dietary advice in addition to the acupuncture treatment.

3 tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine against fatigue to apply yourself

  1. Eat warm food instead of raw food. This is nicer for digestion during times of fatigue. Also choose whole grain products, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and fish. Avoid caffeine and sugar. They provide a peak for a while, but soon after that, an energy dip follows.
  2. Follow the seasons and look at the Yin/Yang balance. Don't exercise or eat late. Limit exercise and eating after 8:00 PM and go into rest mode. Move during the day, go outside and regularly take a break from work or other activities. Avoid screens in the evening.
  3. Check if you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. You can have this checked by means of a blood test. For overall resistance in the fall, a good multivitamin is a nice support.

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